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Reunited!! Lovvvvvvve πŸ’œ (at Cold Stone Creamery Tysons Corner Center)

hottieguysgalore asked: What types of guys are you attracted too and turn you on?

Well obviously we all have ideals but I’ve come to know that will never happen so what my ideal is and what kinda guys I like tend to be a bit different.

My ideal would be as you can imagine from what I reblog is big and muscular. But this tends to be what I just want to have sex with so I guess that answers what turns me on to an extent.

What kind of guys I like in reality and what I can see myself possibly ending up with if I am not forever alone would be generally older than me. I like hair but not it’s certainly necessary. At least a member and somewhat goer of a gym. Someone that would want to cuddle more nights out of the week than have sex. A least one nerdy/dorky trait is a must.

I am not sure if that is what you wanted…


Roman Fritz

abayoujock from xtube

Now that’s an app I need to be on

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I would literally throw last year’s version of myself down a set of stairs

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Whattttttt? 😳😍


I always wondered what surf would look like outside of a pool of water

Fucking Normal type Pokemon, learns random ass attacks.